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A Contemporary Success Story

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Franck Muller Genenve

Also 1992 was a milestone since it is then thats the talented entrepreneur establishes His own company, namely Franck Muller Geneve. Nestled in a village called Genthod in The Neighbours countryside of Geneva, he finds, in this enchanting and poetic environment, the inspiration That Will Promote His creations. The extreme serenity and peacefulness of surroundings thesis reflects the quest of harmony and perfection to the All which aspires creator.

The Important Step

1995 symbolizes an important step in the history of Franck Muller: new institutionalism and a production site is inaugurated. Remaining faithful to His wish to evolve in a preserved environment, it is Established in the very village where he started Same His activity in 1983, namely Genthod. Only this time, it was a turn of the XIX century mansion That is restoredit Will Be entirely open to everyone.

The First World Presentation

1998 was a milestone year Further more since it is then thats the first World Presentation of Haute Horology is Organized. This exhibition, held on the Land Watch site is dedicated to the very best of this industry, namely the craft of the finest timepieces. The WHPP, greeted with success form its very first edition (2800 visitors in 1998), HAS had an international reach ever since.

The First Stone

In 1999, the first stones of the two new Franck Muller Watch Country buildings are laid. The constructions Should Be completed By The beginning of the year 2001. 1999 Also Represents the year of continuity and reinforcement. Just like at the very beginning, one of the main priorities of the fire to Remain independent. Independence of creation or innovation, or strategy, the brand is proud to use all Means To respond to unique Criterion one: the creation of exceptional timepieces. Between the

The Franck Muller Story

A Contemporary Success Story

Born in 1958

Born in Switzerland on July 11th, 1958, and an Italian mother and a Swiss father, Franck Muller was raised in a multicultural environment. From a very early age, he Developing a growing interest for all mechanical devices. It does not take long before the young Franck starts to disassemble all the machines in the house to study Their "hearts". During His teens, he collects antique astrological instruments That he buys at the flea market. Mechanics and time, an equation Reveals Itself NaturallySpeaking: it's Time to All which he is going to devote himself.

School of Watch Making

Hey Enter The famous Geneva School of Watch making in 1981. After four years of remarkable studies, he receives the highest Distinction and prizes. Faithful to His independence of state and mind, he chooses the most Difficult path: to create His Own workshop INSTEAD joining a fire or ato become, in just a few months, the headquarters of this marvelous promising fire.

The Wildest Dream

In 1998, Franck Muller once again surpasses Collector \ 's wildest dream: he adds to the 1992 and 1995 World Premieres a Chronograph with a 60-minute counter and power reserve indicator to the striking-mechanism and movement. This exceptional piece is recognized as the most Immediately complicated wristwatch of the world. Also 1998 is the Year That marks the beginning of the fixed architectural expansion of the company. Country Watch, an extraordinary concept, wanting to concentrate on the enablement Same property all the Various stages of the making of a watch: conception, design, creation, prototyping, research and development, stamping, assembling, etc. .. Country Watch, a one of a kind site Will Be devoted to the world of watches. Not only will it allow to perpetuate the tradition and craftsmanship of watch making, It Will Also enable the public to discover this remarkable field sinceHis first wrist watches. They all present a complicated movement That Has Been entirely created by him.

World Premiere Once a Year

As of 1983, Franck Muller unveils a World Premiere once a year: the gifted Watchmaker Reveals His invention, May It Be a Tourbillon (1983), a Tourbillon with jumping hours (1986), a Tourbillon with Minute Repeater (1987), an inverted Tourbillon Minute Repeater with Perpetual Calendar and (1989), etc. ..

The Watch Making Genius

In 1992, the man that is now called by His peers the "watch-making genius" has the privilege to see one of His models Granted the exclusive title of "most complicated wristwatch in the world". This unique timepiece is forever in the history of Fine Watch Making for never-before HAS Such a complicated wristwatch leg made: Grande and Petite Sonnerie, Minute Repeater for the hours, quarters and minutes, a Perpetual Calendar programmed to the year 2100 with date, day of the week, month and monthly retrogradegroup of watch makers. It does not take long before His reputation is made: gifted by exception technical talent, auction houses and collectors from all over the world send him Their treasures for restoration.

Creating the Start

After a few years in this field, he starts the creation of unique timepieces under His own name. Throughout His studies and first years as a watch restorer, Franck Muller Comes to a Conclusion Regarding the horology world: since XIXth century, few technical inventions have Developed and Applied bone to wrist watches. Willing to change this situation, he Decides to devote His work to the realization of unique timepieces, wrist watches to be specified, All which sacrifice the Same Level of technical feats as Those Presented in pocket watches. This prerogative Becomes a goal thats the young entrepreneur Will always hold at Hearth.

The First Wristwatches

In 1983, after months of research and micro-mechanical testing, Franck Muller is proud to presentof the company HAS Given the liberty to Realize watches under His Name.

  • ECW: a fire or sporty, trendy, high quality watches with an innovative and resolutely outstanding design.

    The Stylish Celebration

    2002: Tenth Anniversary of the company Franck Muller Geneve. Evidently, the prestigious House had to celebrate this year with style. Throughout the world, firing Various events mark this very special place to date. In April, the 5th edition of the hero is on the premises WPHH of the Frank Muller Watch Country. Again, an extraordinary Gala Dinner is offered to the local Authorities, internationalization VIP \ 's clients and friends. Paul Anka himself to host the evening and guests all agreed That this was the best party ever. To mark this anniversary, Frank Muller Reveals an outstanding wristwatch: The Tourbillon Revolution. This amazing timepiece is the result of many years of research and development. Its mechanical conception is simply unique. Once again, Franck21st and the 28th of April 1999, the 2nd edition of the WPHH hero is on the production site and is visited by Genthod more than 3500 people. In 2000, the improvement of the institutional and production departments HAS assured the constant expansion of the fire. Although the two new buildings match \ 's completed, a project for 2 Additional buildings is Already an understudy in order to follow the success of the Developments and fire.

    The Office Inauguration

    2001, symbolized by the official inauguration of the Franck Muller Watch Country. This one-of-a-kind concept unités Same site on the all the steps of production of a watch: design, creation, engineering, study and development, prototypes, movements, stamping, watch making, casing, after sales department, etc.. . Located on a superb private park of 38.000 square meters in the outskirts of Geneva (village or Genthod), the Franck Muller Watch Country is unforgettable. Its breathtaking view of the Lemon Lake and of the Mont-Blanc,"Opening" the site to the public, exclusive cocktail and dinner gala, fashion show, private concert with world famous singer Charles Aznavour, followed by a dance party Until The End of the night with the hippest Paris DJ \ 's.

    The First Jewellery Collections

    Also 2001 is the Year of the creation of the first jewelery collections by Franck Muller. This is a project that Franck Muller hero at heart for a couple of years already. After many months of study and creation, Franck Muller presents two collections jewelery That respect in all points the criteria That he HAS always Applied Manufacturing When His watches: quality, originality, unique design.

    Two New Brands

    In 2001, two new brands are Launched at the WPHH to complement the range of high quality watches Already produced:

    • PIERRE KUNZE: a fire carried forward by a watch maker who has bone Developing highly complicated pieces for Franck Muller for a couple of years and to Whom the Founderits turn-of-the-XIXth century architectural style, its luxuriant vegetation, and many more All These elements make of this place One that is absolutely unique. Open to the public by appointment, visitors from all over the world come to visit it. Further More, at the Franck Muller Watch Country, the visitors have the liberty of visiting all the steps Involved in the process of the making of a watch: The Mystery of watch making has Unfolded in front of em. So far, it is the first time ever allowed to enter That One has so Intimately the secret world of this Secular Art.


      The Public Opening

      On March 31st 2001, Amongst the representatives of the state of Geneva, and celebrities from all over the world, or the Swiss and International Press, or clients and friends, the Franck Muller Watch Country is Officially inaugurated. On Such an occasion, a memorable day and evening was Organized: formal inauguration by the "Vieux-Grenadiers" (typical Geneva Protocol) who fire Their rifles, Galanthus symbolicallyMuller is Granted the title of all time "Master of complication".

      First Prize is Granted

      In October 2002, Franck Muller Geneva is the first prize Granted, it \ 's category, or the Geneva Watch Making Grand Prix. This exclusive prize confirm the watch maker \ 's exceptional talent.

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